Our buddies in the field of Wellbeing

We have our resident therapy dog Zaija….and our therapy-dogs-in-training Arlo, Tessa, Yoda and our further addition, Opal. The therapy dogs are here to support students’ well-being and welcome them anytime (when free) for a pat and a cuddle. Please check with Student Support Services (SSS)

Hi ! I’m Arlo. I love:

ØChasing the Sheep

Ø Chewing the laptop cord, (preferably Mum’s Macbook charger cord, they taste the best !!)

Hi ! I’m Tessa. I love:

Ø Taking regular walks and exercising along the beach

ØTo be doted on at anytime

Hiyya ! I’m Yoda. I enjoy:

ØBarking at the postman

ØHelping with the bills by eating them

ØDigging a big hole in the driveway

Hi there ! I’m Zaija. I love:

ØNot letting anyone go anywhere without whining to come too

Ø btw I am fully trained Therapy Dog

Hi ! I’m Opal and I:

Bow Bow !!!!!