Mindfulness, meditation & Yoga

Mindfulness is a meditative state which involves focusing on and being intensely aware of sensing and feeling in the moment. It involves breathing methods and guided imagery amongst other methods to relax the body and mind and also to help minimise stress.

● Pay attention
● Live in the moment
● Accept yourself
● Focus on your breathing
● Body scan meditation
● Sitting meditation
● Walking meditation

Frequent mindfulness practice (which can be practised anywhere) can have health benefits with some research which support engaging your senses outdoors especially beneficial.


Meditation has been practiced since ancient times and has numerous benefits, some of which focuses on training in awareness to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and peaceful state.

1. Mindfulness Meditation
2. Spiritual Meditation
3. Focused Meditation
4. Movement Meditation
5. Mantra Meditation
6. Transcendental Meditation
7. Progressive Meditation
8. Loving-kindness Meditation
9. Visualisation Meditation


Just like meditation, yoga has been practised from ancient times. Its benefits are numerous including improving strength and flexibility, boosting heart and lung function and enhancing psychological wellbeing.

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